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Jai Hind College, Mumbai University

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Hello! I'm Akshay

I am a management student from Jai Hind College, Mumbai and I am looking forward to either work for you or with you or make you work for me. I am a man of simplicity who wakes up every morning with the aim of learning something new on a professional as well as personal level. Curiosity in me always push me to either look for a new opportunity or create one for others. 

My biggest accomplishment in my personal, as well as professional life, is that I try to manage the pace at which things evolve in my life, whether slow or fast, keeping a track on them really determined the way things turn out in my life till now.

In the end, I just want to make the most out of everything by giving in neither more nor less to it.

Rock Formations
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Co-founder & CFO

Rely is an organisation which connects students, their parents, and their college by communicating necessary information about their attendance, college events and assessments at the right time. 

Our goal is to improve communication between all the stakeholders. We provide weekly reports to parents and students on a subscription basis to ensure smooth college life for all the stakeholders.



Talaash is a Management cum Cultural festival organised by students of BMS department of Jai Hind College. It is considered to be the most magnificent BMS festival of Mumbai. 

As a Vice-President of Executions, it has been the most significant and crucial experience for me.  This experience has allowed me to handle multiple stakeholders without punctuating. It was a journey out of the management textbooks to real-life management.


  1. Fybros Jaipur Office - Business Development Intern

April 2019 - May 2019

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Book-keeping

  • Inventory Management

2. Enunciate School of Communication - Social            Media Intern

June 2020- July 2020

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Curation of Social media Campaigns

  • Content writing

  • Designing social media creatives


June 2020 - August 2020

Roles & Responsibilities 

  • Generating sales lead

  • Making insurance sales

Rock Formations

I am not a writing virtuoso and a person with best in class vocabulary. Topics like Consumer tech and business strategies really interests me so I started writing by fusing them both. 

There is something about all the tech blogs in the market, they are not so much intriguing for the general public. Either the language is very complex or jargon based for them or the tech is not highly relatable to their daily life. 

Our goal is to deliver some relevant tech and business-based content to the majority. This will be the most differentiating attribute of our blog. This goal allows us to name our blog site as “AimLucid - Things simplified for you.”

Rock Formations
  1. Let’s Discourse 3.0, an Online Oxford Debate by Enunciate School of Communication

  2. Impulse’18, a Podar World College festival

  3. Cyber strike’18, Tech Festival of Jai Hind College

  4. Meterdown’20, an R.D. National College festival

  5. Historical AIPPM, Nmmun’16

  6. UNHRC, JecrcMun’16

  7. Lok Sabha, WafMun’16

  1. National level Asian Parliamentary debate at Insight’19

  2. Lok Sabha at Mithibai College debating fest, Confabium 2019

  3. Adorea’18, a Wilson BMS Initiative

  4. Lok Sabha, RbmhsMun’17


  1. Semi-finalist in Prodigy’17 by Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies.

  2. Winner in Dramatics at Adorea’18, a Wilson BMS Initiative

  3. Third Place in B-Plan Competition of Jaipur Entrepreneurship Fest 2017


Awarded as the Subject topper in Semester 1 for Fundamentals of Accountancy at Jai Hind College

Rock Formations


Naari, an initiative taken on International Women’s day 2020, by students of Jai Hind College which celebrated women.

Activities - 

1. Distribute more than 1000 Sanitary pads to women of slums in Colaba, Mumbai.

2. Distributed good-quality clothes to underprivileged women.

3. Ran a social media campaign to tell unsung stories of women around us.



Hasi, a Children’s day initiative by Talaash in collaboration with Navneet YOUVA. We went to Our Lady’s Home, Dadar, a very renowned orphanage, to spend time with children there. We did certain activities with kids like drawing, painting, playing games, and eating delicious food with them. This small activity taught us to find happiness in small things, enjoy every small moment of your life and be grateful for what you have.   


VAARI - Every Drop Counts

Vaari - Every Drop Counts, an initiative by Talaash in the light of ongoing water crisis to conserve water and spread awareness about the same. 

1. Distributed 1500 tap caps in 8 prominent locations of Mumbai at the same time saving approximately 3 lakh litres of water in a month.

2. Making people aware of water crises by Nukkad nataks and flash mobs at certain locations.

Rock Formations
Blue Smoke
  1. Elementary Entrepreneurship Course 

       By Wadhwani Foundation 

       Sept 2018

3. Foundational Stock Market 

    By Hemal Shah, Experienced  Stock            market broker & Professor

    June 2020- July 2020 

2. Foundational Entrepreneurship Course 

    By Wadhwani Foundation

    Dec 2019- March 2020

4. Introduction to Data Analytics for            Manager

    By Michigan University edX